Study 2 Ace Math

Study 2 Ace Math helps you master essential basic Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division facts
  • Tests can comprise of a combination of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division using numbers 0 through 20
  • Fully customize tests and save settings to quickly load again
  • Parents can log into this website to create tests for their children and monitor their progress
  • Teachers can set up a classroom to create and assign tests for their students and monitor their progress
  • Users can input their answers using a number pad (3 different layouts available), write/draw the answer with your finger or stylus, or even speak it
  • Practice mode to take a practice test where the program will test you on a specified set of problems and help reinforce problems you commonly get incorrect
  • Test mode to take a timed test for a specified set of problems
  • Progress report will allow you to keep track of all the tests you have taken and monitor your progress. Results can be viewed in the app and on this website
  • Games are also included to test your basic math skills